We Don't Charge the Startups

Yes, we are almost free for Startups. We have been a startup too, and know the chunk of cashflow. Every penny is like a million dollar and we here to help you save it!

How to enroll in a Startup Incubarator Program?

Fill Up a Short Form

Fill up a short form with your details, which will help us in evaluating your startup.

Allow us a Day

Allow us a day to audit your startup marketing strategy, and provide you with the best possible strategy, to maximize your profits.

Check the Audit

Check & evaluate the audit and perform the necessary changes to enhance the performance of your campaigns.

Connect & Grow

Connect on a small meeting to discuss the strategy and how you can optimize your startup for maximum profits.


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    No we don;t charge anything in our startup incubarator plan. 

    No we will not ask for anything sensitive or personal information, for account audits we would require the access, on that only editor access can be managed. 

    For now we are providing funding options to only Indian Residents. 

    You can rewoke the access to all your accounts just after we finished auditing. 

    Its all upto you, but if you like, we will not deny it…

    Some social shares, insta mentions, or referrrals, we are good with this…

    Join the movement and let us help you in achieving some great heights!