Google Helpful Content Update 2022

After the Panda update in 2011 google will announce a new update for the content which is Google HELPFUL Content Update 2022. Google announced a new signal for limiting the appearance of low-quality / not authoritative content in organic search. This signal focuses on content that doesn’t “help”.

Google Update Alert Stupid Creation
Google Update Alert Stupid Creation

Announced: August 18, 2022

Rollout: Begins the week of August 22, 2022

The goal of this update makes it easier for people to find helpful content made by and for people and penalize the website which is only developed to get user visits, get impressions and clicks anyhow or generate revenues from it. 

The Tag Line for the update is: “More Content by people, For People in Search

Google’s advice for this update echoes what they’ve been saying for years:

  1. Focus on people-first content.
  2. Avoid creating content with the primary objective being search engines.
  3. Always write from your knowledge or your experience. Do not write after reading from other sources.
  4. Your website must have a purpose.
  5. You must provide complete information to visitors.
  6. Follow product review update guidelines.

What will impact;

If you are using content created in bulk.

Scenario1: AI-generated content – a language model that uses deep learning to auto-generate human-like text. While that content can read well, does it truly offer expertise?

If you are covering any random topics.

If your blog/site is using copied content.

If you are using clickbait.

If you are making your content longer.

What we at Stupid Creation give Advice for the update;

  • Talk to the experts
    – Find time with someone who has years of knowledge in SEO which can help you to prevent your site from the new update and cure.
  • Hire Stupid Creation experts and create logical/efficient workflows or risk penalties
    – The choice is yours but if this thing rolls out and takes hold, we’ll need to find a way to balance scale and helpfulness in our content. This takes more buy-in, but our clients who are most successful in creating content at scale have in-house resources that they pair with our outsourcing Digital Marketing Agency.
  • Use the resources that already exist
    – Does your Marketing team have expertise in content that explains their product and solution? When you’re in a pinch with resourcing, repurposing other types of media can be a great strategy to get ahead.

What It All Comes Down To

Google directly called out that “sites with relatively high amounts of unhelpful content overall are less likely to perform well in Search.”